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So it is Christmas and What Have You Done

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

That song by John Lennon used to fill me with dread, so what have you done…..another year over and a new one just begun….what have I achieved? what have I earned? what promotions have I received? Where have I travelled to? How much faster, thinner, richer am I? It was so much pressure that I used to turn off the song whenever I heard it, I found it soooo depressing.

In the last two years, I have a different perspective. I have learned to celebrate the successes; I have learnt that not all achievements are recognised as such in our community. One of my greatest achievements this year was developing a meditation practice to a point where I can engage in still minded meditation for a period of 20 minutes daily. I would have previously regarded this as a waste of valuable time without education of the genuine benefits of slowing our mind for periods of time. I may have also regarded it as a failure as I intend to be able sit for 30 minutes daily in mediation when I started the regular practice in April but I’m 15 minutes closer than this time last year and that my friends is an achievement!

So it is Christmas and what have you done? Well Mr Lennon, I have released 14 kg of unneeded weight to the universe, I have completed 120 days alcohol free, I made the decision to become a yoga teacher, started my own yoga business and even had a small yoga practise in front of parliament house! I have supported my husband to gain his Australian permanent residency, I have loved and walked my crazy dog regularly, I have said a fond goodbye to my Mum, it was harder than I ever thought possible but I also took lessons from that experience and implemented them into my life. I have learned, once again that I can do anything that I set my mind to when I have clarity of intention.

I encourage you all to take 15 minutes before the end of the year to write your list and give yourself a pat on the back for the things big and small that you have achieved. Celebrate your successes. If you have children, raising them to be good people is an amazing achievement, if you have been caring for a loved one that is the greatest act of love that you can give. If you have encountered adversity and found a way around it, if you have started looking at aspects of your lifestyle and made some changes, recognise that your future self is grateful. If you have smiled at someone and improved their day even though you were not feeling great, know that smiling at someone when they feel down can have immeasurable value to that person

Before you settle down to set your intentions for 2020…...or as I am referring to it…...creating my 2020 vision, take the time to stop, reflect and acknowledge all that you have done this year. Christmas is not always a great time for everyone but in the last 12 months you have done many things that John Lennon would be proud of and so should you.

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