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New Year Overwhelm

This time of year, we often set out intentions for all that we wish to achieve in the coming year. I finished mine this morning and then as I read through the 3-page list, felt the overwhelm kick in. This happened last year as well and when I discussed it with my psychologist, she explained that this is a common reality for many people this time of year. We can create a sense of urgency with our new year’s resolutions that is not helpful to our mental health and is anxiety inducing.

I recall us discussing what my goals were; completing my life coaching course, start writing a book, completing yoga teacher training, losing weight, reading 40 books…….the list went on. She rightly pointed out that they were some big hefty goals and I should break it down and recognize that there are 365 days to get it all done and perhaps some prioritisation was in order After some discussion it was decided that the Yoga Teacher Training was the number one goal and that is one that I did achieve. I also listened to over 20 audio books, started writing my book and the life coaching course.

I find that I am often my own enemy when if comes to goal setting and attainment and can be quite hard on myself. I am a true advocate for goal and intention setting but I now recognise and apply the old yoga adage “It’s called yoga practice not yoga perfect” Setting the intention, knowing where you are heading and taking regular steps towards your goal (with a plan) are all positive actions. However, what I have learnt since last year is practising yoga, meditation, exercise, gratitude and being present will propel me closer to my goals than over thinking, putting myself under pressure and freaking myself into a state of paralysis.

I prescribed myself a meal with my husband, a walk along the beach, deep breathing in the sea air and a 15 minute meditation, I now feel much more calm and ready to take on the year one step at a time. It is great when we have control over our anxiety and know how to improve our state of mind, be present and appreciate all that we have.

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