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Manifesting What You Need

I am pretty good at manifesting abundance in my life, I started small with manifesting car parks (where I encourage everyone to start) but I have been known to manifest $1000’s of dollars from a bank when I wanted to go on a holiday and didn’t have a job and a lavish meal with drinks for a group of 10 ladies out to celebrate a friends birthday. Yesterday I learnt a lesson from the universe on manifesting that I thought I would share.

My local hotel had a Gala night last night, from 6.30pm they were raffling a range of valuable electronic goods. There was a television that I had my eye on. It was the pinnacle prize and what our household wants as our current TV does not have a working remote control, is nearly 15 years old it, isn’t High Definition or Digital and on its last legs in my opinion. I was convinced that I was going to win the TV and you had to be there on the night to walk away with the goods. I had battled a storm to get to the pub after I had left my monthly mentoring session. During that session I was talking about my plans for writing my book “What my Sherpa Taught me About Workplace Culture”.

”I am getting serious, I reckon I can write it in 6 weeks, I have 3 weeks leave and I am going to focus on this book” I was telling my mentor, Christina. She agreed I could do it as I have most of the planning done and a lot of intellectual property written, and it is actually in her role description to encourage and motivate me! I left that session full of optimism and motivation to write my book.

By 8.00pm, dinner was finished, I had not won anything and was getting a bit worried, would the TV be mine? The manager told me that there was a laptop to be drawn and then finally the TV left to win. OK, time to get serious on my positive thoughts, we are walking away with the TV…..although my laptop was no longer holding charge and that could also be really helpful (I had priced new laptops as well as I knew I needed one). I heard my name being called – was it Jade or did he say James – best go up and check. It was Jade and I was the proud new owner of a Dell Laptop! WhooooHoooo how exciting.

The message from the universe couldn’t be clearer, in my opinion. Jade Lee, you were born to write this book, we will deliver everything you need to make sure it happens. If you have the motivation we have the tools. A new laptop is just what you need to get this project achieved and a TV will simply distract you from your purpose. Sometimes the universe delivers what we need not what we want…..look for clues from the universe to ensure you are on the right track….I sure know I am.

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